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“. . . keeps readers riveted . . . satisfyingly creepy ending . . .”

- Kirkus Reviews

You always want what you can’t have.

Megan never meant to hurt her best friend Anna. She made a mistake, and she’s spent all year trying to regain Anna’s trust. So when Anna invites her to spend the summer on her uncle’s farm, Megan is excited…and relieved. The past is finally behind them.

On the farm, Anna quickly falls for Jordan, a rugged summer-hand. Megan and Jordan have their own spark, but Megan’s betrayed Anna once before and she’s not about to do it again.

Still, the more time that Megan and Jordan spend together, the harder it is to deny their chemistry. But Anna doesn’t like to be ignored—and she doesn’t forgive and forget. What started out as the perfect summer is about to take a very dark turn….


“A different kind of love story with a strange, dark twist. . .”

- School Library Journal

Hannah can’t wait to sneak off for a romantic weekend with her boyfriend, Colin. He’s leaving for college soon, and Hannah wants their trip to the lake house to be one they’ll never forget. But once Hannah and Colin get there, things start to seem a bit … off. They can’t find the town on any map. The house they’re staying in looks as if someone’s been living there, even though it’s been deserted for years. And Colin doesn’t seem quite himself. As he grows more unstable, Hannah worries about Colin’s dark side, and her own safety. Nothing is as perfect as it seems, and what lies beneath may haunt her forever. Read more …

Writing as Elizabeth Woods


Zoe’s parents have never liked her boyfriend Davis.

But would they lie to get rid of him?

Would they say, “Davis is dead,” even if they knew it wasn’t true?

Seventeen-year-old Zoe will do anything to be with her boyfriend Davis. And he’ll do anything to be with her—even fly to London, where her parents have whisked her away for the summer. But for Zoe and Davis to stay together, they must be careful. Her parents will stop at nothing to keep them apart, and Zoe realizes they might not be the only ones.

As the lies start to spin out of control, Zoe doesn’t know who she can trust. Even Davis has his secrets. But most terrifying of all, Zoe starts to worry her own mind is playing tricks on her….

Both an irresistible romance and a nail-biting thriller, Figment delivers a new twist on forbidden love, in a world where the truth is as unpredictable as love itself.

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“Terrific pacing and mounting suspense lead to a resolution that. . .[is] chilling.” - Booklist

Sixteen-year-old Cara has been a loner ever since she moved away from her best and only friend Zoe years ago. She eats lunch with the other girls from the track team and tries to avoid the popular girls who, after an embarrassing incident in the cafeteria, endlessly torture her and call her Choker. But mostly she spends her time watching Ethan Gray from a distance, wishing he would finally notice her. Then one day, Cara comes home to find Zoe waiting for her. Zoe’s running from problems at home, and Cara agrees to help her hide. With her best friend back, Cara gets a new outlook and confidence, and her life changes overnight. Suddenly she’s hanging with the cool kids and flirting with Ethan. But just as quickly as her new life came together, it starts to unravel. A girl goes missing, and Cara starts to wonder what Zoe does all day while Cara’s at school. You’re supposed to trust your best friend no matter what… right?

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